Fans find Galtier note to Mbappe during Benfica draw

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Fans noticed a note on Paris manager Christoph Galtier. Saint-Germain Wrote about Kylian Mbappe during the UEFA Champions League match between PSG and Benfica last night.

Christophe  Galtier’s notes were captured by cameras during Paris Saint-Germain ‘s 1-1 draw with Benfica last night. And looks like a short note That said Kylian Mbappe prefers playing. On the ‘right’ side for the team rather than playing on the front. There were also reports ahead of the game that the France international wanted to leave the Parc des Princes. After feeling ‘betrayed’ by the club’s owners. Just a few months after he signed a huge new contract with PSG.

Fans find Galtier note to Mbappe during Benfica draw

         One of Mbappe’s frustrations is believed to be the way Galtier has used him this season. After the pair got into trouble after PSG’s 0-0 draw with Reims on Saturday October 8, 2022, the 23-year-old almost played as a lone striker on the pitch, but he was said to I want a partner in the front, like he played with Olivier Giroud in the French national team. After the game on Saturday, Mbappe posted an Instagram story with the words The ‘Zero Gravity Gang’ was in there before it was removed over the weekend. Called to show the Galtier clearly that he is not happy playing up front alone.

         And Galtier’s notes are a more clear indication that Mbappe Where does he feel he should play for PSG? When the camera zoomed in on Galtier’s note in the second half, it saw the message ‘Kylian likes to play (right)’ , with the 56-year-old making no effort to hide his notes and the fans. Some have speculated that he may have been joking or trying to tease the French media reporting on Mbappe’s future. One fan wrote on Twitter: “Galtier jokes on the camera with his notes. ‘Kylian’s favorite position (on the right)

         It is understood that Mbappe received a promise from the UFABET club’s board of directors that Will bring in a new striker in the summer so he can play in his favorite position this year, the Ligue 1 side have signed young striker Hugo Ekitique , but Galti Manter also rarely used him. make mbappe It has to be used up front in the first few weeks of this season and this has made him unhappy. He has also had a strained relationship with team-mate Neymar following a controversial penalty shoot-out against Montpellier in August.

        And this led to rumors that Mbappe has told PSG he wants to leave during the January transfer window. But they didn’t want to let him go. The club have told Mbappe he will not be allowed to join Real Madrid after they tried to sign him in the summer. Until later, the world champion’s footballer signed a new contract with PSG. But despite the uncertainty about his future Mbappe has also started for PSG in their home game against Benfica. last night And is the goal scorer for the team from the penalty spot in the first half But Benfica equalized with penalties such as Joao Mario.